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What if…

            Elephants and their unique P53 gene could be instrumental in developing a cure for cancer?

What if…

            Dog fish sharks could enable humans fight hard-to-beat viruses like hepatitis?

What if…

            Newborn babies, in the first hours and days of their lives, could hold the key to curing COVID-19?

What if…

            A compound found in the bark of the Happy Tree (Camptotheca acuminata) could help treat the most aggressive childhood tumors?

What if…

            Giraffes could help us understand how it is possible to have extremely high blood pressure without negative side effects?

At Closer to Cure Foundation, we believe that the evolutionary solutions nature has been developing for millions of years can be used to improve human life.  

We believe that evolutionary biology — the convergence of nature and technology — holds the key to curing cancer and a wide range of inflammatory and other diseases. 

We believe that if we can learn why humans develop diseases that other species avoid, nature’s solutions can be applied to find a cure.

Closer to Cure Foundation is dedicated to funding researchers like Dr. Joshua Schiffman and Dr. Trudy Oliver. These breakthrough scientists are developing evolution-inspired medicines to help patients in Park City, throughout Utah, across the nation, and all over the world. 

Your donation will help our program identify, cultivate, and support future grant recipients. Together, we can revolutionize the treatment of cancer, a wide range of inflammatory and other diseases, and ultimately, improve patient lives. 

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