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We are Sage Mountain, Summit County’s first and only farm animal sanctuary! 

Our mission is to provide a safe haven for rescued farmed animals, and to educate our community on the benefits of whole-food, plant-based living.

This year, we have set our sights on a lofty ambition: raising $50,000 to help construct a much-needed barn. For those who have been following our journey, you are already aware of the excruciating winter we had that posed danger to some of our residents. To ensure their safety and well-being amidst the unforgiving Utah winters, the construction of a barn has become an urgent necessity. It is our unwavering belief that through collective unity, we can transform this vision into a tangible reality. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support, as together we strive to forge a kinder and more compassionate world for all living beings.

Featured Residents

Harriet and her babies: River, Pickles, Amora, and Francine.

 In April of 2022 we got word that a large amount of animals needed to be rescued from a small local farm. When we found Harriet she was in a small cage that was so full of feces and mud that she was standing in her water bowl to stay out of it. We knew she needed our help most urgently, so we got her out and brought her home to Sage Mountain as quickly as we could. We immediately fell in love, and she fit right in with our other residents. A few months later we couldn’t find her in the morning, when it came time for dinner and we still didn’t see her we went searching. To our surprise, we found her at the bottom of a hill with four piglets, River, Pickles, Amora, and Francine. None of us had any idea she was pregnant when we rescued her. Saving one animal won’t change the world, but it changes the world for that one animal, or In this case, five.

Reba and her baby Francis (born 10/20/22)

Earlier this year on April 19th we learned of a cow who had escaped a farm and had been on the run for some time. Eventually she was picked up by animal control and taken to the shelter. She had no tags, and no brands, so we were able to go and pick her up. When we got there she tried as hard as she could to get away from us. She was running straight through barbwire fences, and lifting up gates to get escape. Eventually we got her back to the sanctuary safely. She is fitting in great with the herd, but still cautious around humans. Just a few days ago we learned she had been pregnant this entire time! we went out to find that Reba had a beautiful baby boy. She is being a great mom, and the baby is healthy an active. This is our fifth surprise baby for the year, so we need your support more now than ever.

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