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We are Sage Mountain, Summit County’s first and only farm animal sanctuary! 

Our mission is to provide a safe haven for rescued farmed animals and create a space for people to interact with them in a more intimate setting. 

With your support, we can raise enough money to build a new cow shelter to rescue more cows and continue to educate our community on whole-food, plant-based living. We are grateful to the community for your support and are confident that together we can positively impact the planet, our health, and the way farm animals are viewed worldwide. 

Thank you for your support! 

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Morgan was rescued in May of 2020 after falling off a transport truck and onto the road of an interstate highway in Morgan, UT. Animal control was able to take him in, and since no one claimed Morgan, we were able to rescue him. We’re grateful that he survived falling off the truck, walking away with only a few minor wounds, and that he gets to spend the rest of his life free from harm at Sage Mountain.


1. Livestock and their byproducts account for at least 32,000 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year, or 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.

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2. 2,500 gallons of water are needed to produce 1 pound of beef.  (NOTE. The amount of water used to produce 1lb. of beef vary greatly from 442 - 8000 gallons.)

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3. A Plant-based diet may reduce cardiovascular death risk by 32%

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