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Arts-Kids Helps Kids - Find Their Happy Place - and shows kids techniques to effectively replace feelings of frustration, anger, disappointment, fear, lack of confidence, despair, feelings of not "fitting in"and other negative emotions and show kids how to reset your brain to return to Your Happy Place and maintain emotional balance.

Arts Kids hosts fun events to teach LIFE SKILLS to Kids through Arts activities.



  • To build communication, problem solving, listening and social skills during fun performing arts activities and recreation games.
  • To foster confidence and self-esteem in a non-competitive creative environment

Covid19 has presented several challenges to our Arts Kis programs and school closures have impacted our ability to share programs with kids.

We are working on making several online arts activity sessions available to families and are in need of funds to make this a reality as soon as possible.

Arts Kids also hosts summer programs and we are expecting an even larger audience for our programs this summer. 

Your financial support will Help Kids Find Their Happy Place at a time when kids really need to find some stability and happiness in their lives.


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