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     Nestled here in the Wasatch Mountain range, at 6,455 ft. elevation, you will find our farm. Here on our land, our number one focus is healing the earth. In a handful of healthy soil, you will find over a trillion beneficial microorganisms. These microorganisms are the key to drawing down our local carbon, replenishing our vegetables with nutrients, stabilizing our climate, lowering our local temperature, and bringing back our rain and snow. 

Soil is our savior and Bill White Farms is using holistic land management, and regenerative processes, to mimic the natural cycles of the earth to bring back the beneficial microorganisms. Soil that has been decimated by conventional tilling and synthetic chemicals has scant numbers of what should be billions of beneficial microorganisms found in just a teaspoonful.  

With your help, together, we will restore the earth acre by acre! Our processes have a triple benefit: healing the earth, nurturing our animals, and providing nutritious food for humans. Thank you for supporting us!


1.  Heal the earth. For too long we have neglected our soil. Together, we can use holistic land management practices to bring back the beneficial microorganisms that are the key to stabilizing our chaotic climate and replenishing the nutrients in the food we eat. Help us bring back life to our soils one acre at a time.  

2.  Bring back our rain and snow. 60% of our rain comes from the ocean, but 40% comes from inland small water cycles. We need healthy soil to nurture plants that transpire moisture that in turn produces our local rain. When the beneficial microorganisms die, due to conventional tilling and the use of pesticides and herbicides, they release carbon into the soil. The soil then heats up, dries out, and then turns into a desert-like sand. This process then sends vortices of heat up into the air which pushes away rain clouds, exacerbating an already bad situation! Each acre we manage allows for the microorganisms to thrive bringing back moisture to our local environment. Healthy microorganisms = lower temps and new snow. 

3.  Educating other farmers and ranchers on our cutting-edge, sustainable techniques and processes through our Youtube Channel, podcasts, and newsletter is our goal. Hoping to turn back the tide of desertification in the west, we do not want to become another Mesopotamia, which once was the fertile crescent. We have also provided cooking demonstrations for those in need. 

4.  Through our Charity Dinners, we’ll continue to host other non-profits such as: The Christian Center, Summit Land Conservancy, People's Health Clinic, Peace House, Recycle Utah, The National Ability Center to help them raise money for their causes at no cost to them.  



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