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Blue Star Families of Utah is the local chapter of a national nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening America's military families through communities. 

Frequent moves and transitions make it hard for service members and their families to establish strong community networks. This is reflected in the results of our 2019 annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey in which 40% of respondents reported they did not feel a sense of belonging to their local civilian community. More than a third of military families also report they have no one to ask for a favor. 

Blue Star Families of Utah will reach military and veteran families through grassroots peer-to-peer networking to reduce feelings of isolation and increase military cultural understanding in the surrounding community. Our chapter provides programs and events that expedite the process of making new friends, rebuilding your professional network, and forging lasting connections that help these often isolated families thrive. We work in synergy with community members and civilian employers who are interested in embracing this diverse population. 

According to the 2018 DoD demographics report, Utah is home to over 10,600 military personnel and their families.  While military and veteran families are the primary beneficiaries of our programs, our organization is unique in that we view everyday community members as a central pillar to our mission success. We believe we're stronger when we support one another. 

Examples of typical programs offered include: 

  • Blue Star Careers: Connecting military spouses to meaningful career opportunities. 
  • Blue Star Parks: Encouraging health and overall wellness through outdoor engagement. 
  • Blue Star Events: Peer-to-Peer socialization opportunities (in-person and virtual) that build thriving communities of mutual support. 
  • Blue Star Neighbors: Creating opportunities for engagement and collaboration with everyday civilian neighbors and community influencers. 
  • annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey (aMFLS): our listening tool that allows military and veteran families to let us know what is and what is not working for them. 
  • Blue Star Museums: in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts, this program provides free admission to historical and cultural institutions in various communities to lower barriers to participation. 
  • Information and Referrals to community partners and nonprofit organizations providing valuable support.

Since March of 2020, BSF has paused our in-person event offerings and instead fast pivoted to providing virtual engagement to implement the aforementioned programs. Additionally, we're using our research capabilities to measure the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our military populations through our COVID-19 Pain Points Poll. Our polling data is translated into policy action which preserves the military and veteran family quality of life. 

Blue Star Familie is a trusted resource that military families can turn to, no matter their stage or season of their military journey. In these continued trying times of social injustice and unrest, we also recognize our role in creating welcoming communities for all families, no matter their racial ethnicity or background. Our military is composed of families from all points of origin from across our country and beyond. We continuously improve our program offerings and implementation structure to be as accessible and equitable as possible for participation in by military families of all backgrounds. 

** All funds raised from this campaign will fund Blue Star Families of Utah and local activities benefiting military and veteran families in Utah. 

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