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Preserving Park City's unique on mountain mining history for future generations.


We are local Park City residents who cherish mountain recreation and our historic mine sites.  Of the 70+ mines which once operated in Park City, about half are within the boundaries of Park City Mountain Resort. Many of the mine sites are dilapidated and in immediate need of repair. It is important to us to preserve this rich mining legacy for future residents and visitors or we will lose these historic buildings forever. In the past six years we completed a restoration project on the King Con Counterweight and substantial stabilization work on the California Comstock Mill, Jupiter Ore Bin, Little Bell Ore Bin, King Con Ore Bin,   Silver King Water Tanks and Thaynes Conveyor.  We had hoped to raise the Daly West Headframe this year but due to early snow it will be raised and moved in June 2022.


Friends of Ski Mountain Mining History, a non-profit committee that is part of the  Park City Museum, is embarking on our two biggest projects since we began saving our mining heritage in 2015. All of you who ski, hike, or bike up on the mountain can see year by year how the Silver King headframe complex at the base of the Bonanza chairlift is deteriorating in front of our eyes. The other major mining structure at PCMR that needs saving is the Thaynes headframe buildings. The Thaynes headframe is in jeopardy of collapse due to substantial subsidence causing major cracking and shifting at that site. 

We are embarking on a multi-year project to save both the Silver King and the Thaynes mining complexes. The first phase of our project is to secure the sites and make them safe for our contractors to work. Both have suffered significant structural damage over the years and making them secure and safe will cost $300,000.

We have set a goal for our 2021 Live PC Give PC campaign to raise $30,000 to start this project. Please help us. We have no dedicated source of funding and are dependent upon your support and grants.


Preserving the Silver King and Thaynes Mine Buildings is a multi-year effort and will cost $3 million dollars.  These are the two largest collections of mining structures in Utah and we think they are worth saving for future generations. 

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our King Con Ore Bin Live PC Give PC campaign last year. We are thankful that we were able to start work on this structure this summer as we discovered the north-west portion of the structure was in grave risk of collapsing. If it did collapse it would bring the entire 130-year-old ore bin down with it! We stabilized 50% of the underlying support structure this summer and will complete the project in 2022. Please stop by when you ski down Claimjumper at PCMR this winter and check out Clark Martinez’s work on this historic structure.

You can learn more about these structures and our current efforts on our web site  and our Facebook page Friends of Ski Mountain Mining History is an all volunteer committee that is part of the Park City Museum.

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