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Nuzzles & Co. Pet Rescue and Adoption is a nonprofit organization that believes all animals deserve a second chance at love and life. Our dedicated team works every day to save lives and help animals find their forever families. So far in 2020, we have rescued almost 1500 pets in need, and we have placed about 1300 dogs and cats into loving homes!  

This year, we’ve faced challenges unlike any other. 

Since March 2020, our intake has increased by over 40% due to the increase in animals without a place to call home. We have been rescuing, providing medical care, and finding loving forever homes for cats and dogs at an extraordinary pace. Even during these trying times, we are determined to always provide a safe sanctuary for animals in need. 

Even though we’re currently taking in more animals than ever who are in dire need of our help, we had to cancel our largest fundraiser of the year, our annual Nuzzles Gala, due to the pandemic. So now, we’re turning to our community to help us continue our life-saving work!

We rely upon the generosity of our community to help us keep saving lives. Each cat or dog that we rescue costs us, on average, over $500 from the time we rescue them to the time we find their home. We keep our adoption fees low, between $5 and $375, to encourage rescue and adoption.

 A Rescue Built on 100% Love 

Nuzzles & Co. Pet Rescue and Adoption saves animals that are at high risk of euthanasia in city and county shelters all over Utah. We don’t just save abandoned and neglected animals — we provide life-saving medical treatment; nurture, socialize, and train them; and place each pet with a loving family. We’ve been at it for 30 years, and along the way, we’ve saved over 22,000 lives.

Our hard-working, hard-loving organization has an Adoption Center that focuses on matching pets with loving families, and we also have a wonderful 100-acre Rescue Ranch just outside Park City. At our Rescue Ranch, we have a state-of-the-art medical facility and an exceptional veterinary team. This opens the doors for the number and kinds of animals we can rescue — dogs and cats in dire need of someone to take a chance on them.

Rescuing Pets from other Shelters and Underserved Communities

We work hard to keep our home in Summit County a no-kill community. Because of our efforts, Summit County has been a no-kill community for the last six years!

Our goal is to also make all the communities in Utah no-kill. We regularly rescue from all over Utah so that small shelters in small communities, with few resources for animals, do not have to euthanize cats and dogs when their shelters are full. In 2020, we have worked with 20 local shelters to rescue over 500 dogs and cats from their facilities and bring them to Nuzzles & Co. 

We also partner with several Native American Reservations located in Utah and surrounding states to rescue injured and homeless pets who are struggling to survive. As of October 2020, we have saved over 2,500 cats and dogs from uncertain future through our Reservation Rescue Program since 2015. This year alone, we have rescued and found forever homes for over 600 cats and dogs that were rescued from the Reservations.

Helping People and Pets in Danger of Domestic Violence

Nuzzles & Co. also operates the Purple Paw Program, which provides temporary housing and medical care for the pets of people fleeing domestic violence. Many victims of domestic abuse hesitate to leave for fear that a pet they leave behind will be endangered. Thanks to this special program, these survivors have a safe place for their beloved pets while they enter shelters. By saving pets, we help save people through our Purple Paw Program.

Where Love Wins — And Where Every Dollar Helps Save Lives 

As a nonprofit charity, we rely solely on donations to do this life-saving work. With your support, we can keep pushing toward our goal of saving pets in underserved communities and making Utah a no-kill state in the very near future. 

When we see pets united with their forever families, we know that together, we can make this world a place #WhereLoveWins.

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