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When the Park City Council decided in late June to cancel all summer events within City limits, we knew the right thing to do was to cancel the entire 17th Annual Extreme Cup Tournament. Games in the Basin, Kamas, Oakley and Heber were called off as well, and over 500 teams had their application fees returned. Safety protocols that we had spent months developing were suddenly out the window and, more distressing, Park City Soccer Club was facing a loss of almost $100,000 for the 2020/21 fiscal year.

Staff and the board quickly set about restructuring the year's budget and cutting all possible costs in an effort to ensure a balanced budget. There was one area, however, we could not cut: the Club's Scholarship Program. Each year, the Extreme Cup enables the Club to provide need-based scholarships to kids who would otherwise be unable to play. Soccer is a unifying sport that helps bridge the socio-economic gaps in our community. Last year, the Club awarded over $74,000 in partial scholarships to 85 children from the Park City area. It was not possible to cut our commitment to the children who needed their teams, teammates and coaches more than ever.So far, this year, the Club has awarded 60 girls and boys, between the ages of 6 and 18, partial scholarships totaling over $50,000. While the tournament's cancellation was a significant blow, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to raise the funds necessary to fund our Scholarship Program.


° PCSC is a 501.c.3 organization and all donations to PCSC are tax-deductible
° You can give online through this campaign or donate offline* for gifts of cash, check or gifts of stock
- Contact PCSC Exec Director, Shelley Gillwald at for more information about giving offline
° Matching Gifts are in place to make your gifts go further:
- Each gift of $20 or more will be matched dollar for dollar by a special group: "Friends of Park City Soccer Club"
- If we reach a total of 250 unique donations* the Club will receive a bonus donation of $10,000!
This is where we need extra help from our families; a donation is unique based on the email address associated with the donor.
If your family is going to donate $100, have four family members donate $25 from their own emails, likewise, if your family is going to donate $20 you can do the same with four $5 donations. Every donation helps!
- 250 unique donations will also put us in the running for the Keep On Movin' Leader Board prize money ... possibly another $1,250!

* Offline gifts will qualify for the bonus $10,000 but will not qualify for the Leader Board prize money           


Your help in funding Park City Soccer Club's Scholarship Program will  help a young athlete:

° Boost their physical, emotional and social well-being
° Improve their self-esteem, concentration, and accountability
° Learn teamwork and leadership skills
° Provide a natural stress reliever
° Develop healthy lifestyle habits to carry forward
° Integrate into a team and club community

Thank you in advance for your help in reaching our financial and participation goals!

Park City Soccer Club is a 501.c.3 non-profit organization that exists to inspire young athletes to develop competitive level soccer skills in a supportive and rewarding community environment that emphasizes enjoyment, respect, and sportsmanship to foster their physical, mental and social growth. We believe that this physical and emotional development is crucial for all children, and seek to provide the ability to play regardless of a family's unique financial situation.


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