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A lot has happened in a year...around the globe, across our nation and in our neighborhoods. We are all continuing to get our feet back on solid ground after the pandemic and while we have been taking care of ourselves and our families and friends we have simultaneously been trying to keep our heads above water, figuratively, for some and metaphorically for most. 

Climate disasters in 2021 - 2022 packed a punch! We as Americans, have endured over 15 climate disasters from massive floods in Kentucky to raging Western wildfires in New Mexico, and extreme hailstorms in Omaha and the central regions, just to name a few, all with devastating effects on our geography, our human population, our economy, and our lives. Not to mention, Worldwide crisis' that affects us all - from Europe's water scarcity to the nonstop illegal burning of rainforest for cow pasture in Brazil. Oh! and don't forget the 49% rise in gasoline prices AND 60% rise in lumber prices. YIKES!! 

Donate to Planet Earth First and help us with our mission to preserve, conserve and replenish Planet Earth First for future generations. Planet Earth First is committed to working aggressively to help reverse the negative effects of climate change. We know the youth is our future and we want to raise a generation of stewards that can r protect our planet. Through Planet Earth First kid's workshops and camps, the youth of our community gain valuable knowledge through hands-on learning, object lessons and good 'ol fashion playing in the dirt. Our popular Rescue and Build workshops walk students through the cycle of circular economics. They learn the important of recycling and they have a blast creating unique products. Our students have the opportunity to take a piece of rescued waste, and turn it into something new and functional, rather than throwing it in the landfill. All donations during the Live PC Give PC event will fund Rescue and Build workshops for the youth of our neighborhoods. 

Small act. Big Impact 

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