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Serving Adults in Summit & Wasatch Counties with a History of Mental Illness

The Summit County Clubhouse is a supportive, recovery-based community for people living with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, substance abuse disorder and other mental health diagnoses. 

At Clubhouse, adults living with mental illness find opportunities for employment, education, friendship and services in a single caring and safe environment. 

The Summit County Clubhouse is not a treatment center.  Our programming complements and reinforces the therapeutic treatment members receive from mental health providers - and can serve as a critical stop-gap for those not yet receiving treatment for their illness.

Summit County Clubhouse follows the Clubhouse International psycho-social treatment model with a proven record of reducing hospitalizations, incarcerations and homelessness through it's 72 year history.  There are more than 320 Clubhouses in 32 countries today.

How The Clubhouse Works

The focal point of our program is our uniquely supportive and collaborative Clubhouse setting. Here, members and staff work side by side to operate all aspects of Clubhouse operations in a team approach based on mutual respect.   Through the "Work Ordered Day", adults whose lives have been disrupted by mental illness feel welcomed - and needed - as valued participants, colleagues, and members of the Clubhouse community.  

The pillars of Clubhouse programming include.   

Employment   We partner with local businesses to help members reintegrate into society through transitional, supported and independent employment programs.

Education  Members have access to support and resources as they work to meet their GED, certificate and college degree goals.

Belonging   The Clubhouse hosts social events during evenings, weekends, and holidays -  often the most difficult times for people living with mental illness. When members know the Clubhouse community is there for them, this social programming becomes a strong asset to the rehabilitation process.

Support   Members receive assistance accessing federal, state and local resources and meeting their individual social, educational and employment goals.  

Support Mental Health Today!

Donations go directly to providing services to any Summit County adult with a history of mental illness—completely free for a lifetime!  

Clubhouse Outcomes

  • Sharp Drop in Hospitalization Rates - 85% of our Clubhouse members avoided return hospital visits since joining. 
  • Homelessness Prevention - The Summit County Clubhouse Emergency Fund helped 3 Clubhouse members avoid homelessness in 2023.  
  • Increased Employment Rates - Summit Count Clubhouse members have achieved a remarkable 70% employment rate thanks to independent and supported clubhouse programming.  Nationally, only 20% of adults living with mental illness are employed.    
  • 20% Growth In Membership - thanks to a growing number of referral parternships with local providers and community organizations.
  • Steady Increase in Evening, Weekend and Holiday Programming -  often the most difficult times for people with mental illness.  
  • Weekly Wellness Programming - with events and activities that promote a culture of health and assist members in reaching their healthy lifestyle goals.

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