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Wild Heart Sanctuary  

It's been more than a decade now that these beautiful wild horses have touched the hearts of Park City with their presence.

Discover a Place Where The Untamed Spirit Of The Horses Touches Your Soul. 

Reinfree.org is a registered nonprofit organization operating for over 14 years under Wild Heart Sanctuary. Our mission is to promote the community's well-being in Park City and beyond. We achieve this by providing a peaceful environment for people to connect with nature and majestic wild horses. Our sanctuary is in the Silver Creek Area of Park City, surrounded by mountains, and we serve as a refuge for wild mustangs.

Wild Heart Sanctuary is dedicated to advocating for protecting wild mustangs both in captivity and in the wild. These magnificent animals are in danger of extinction due to human activity. Our responsibility is to ensure they continue roaming freely in the wild, just as they have for centuries. Let's work together to preserve these beautiful creatures for future generations to enjoy.

Join us in discovering the enchantment of horses that once roamed free. Our Wild Heart Herd, including Wind Walker, Kokopelli, Noble Moon, Durango, Vashti, Giraffe, Grace, Miss Bliss, and Leilani, are eager to share their wisdom with you. Immerse yourself in various programs we offer the Park City community, from Horse Journey Yoga to educational field trips, holistic horse healthcare, art classes, personal experiences, and special events. Stay informed and get involved by signing up on our website. Let the magic of our horses inspire you to embrace a more meaningful life. www.WildHeartSanctuary.org

Our Vision and Mission 

"We will be the voice of the Wild Horses until our last breath."

At Wild Heart Sanctuary, we believe in the power of healing and its impact on our lives. Our mission is to share the Wild Heart Herd with those seeking inner peace and grounding, including non-profit organizations, schools, mental health, or anyone wanting to pause and rejuvenate in nature. We envision a world where Wild Horses and people can connect, and the wisdom of the Wild Horses can guide them on their journey of self-discovery and awakening. Our commitment to protecting these majestic creatures ensures their preservation for future generations. We are dedicated to our vision and believe in the potential of dreams and all that is possible.

Sonya, our founder, is a true "Horse Listener" who has the gift of connecting with the whispers of the horses' hearts. When a new wild horse arrives at the Sanctuary, she welcomes them with open arms, letting them know that they have found their forever home where they will be loved and cherished, never to be enslaved or broken.

Her love for the herd is contagious, and everyone who visits the Sanctuary can feel the extraordinary magic that these magnificent creatures bring. 

Our Holistic Equine Experiences are a life-changing and unforgettable way to experience the "Human Whisperers" and ignite your heart to bliss. Net proceeds from all programs benefit advocacy efforts, care of the horses, and upkeep of Wild Heart Sanctuary.

Our lead stallion, King Kokopelli (above), has overcome immense pain from injuries sustained at low-end rodeos and a slaughter auction. His perseverance and resilience inspire us even more as he's grown older. We're determined to offer him the best care plan that will help reduce his pain as much as possible. Join us in supporting this brave stallion's journey.

We have recently welcomed the Wild Onaqui Mares from the Utah Dessert into our family. Leilani, Grace, and Miss Bliss have endured unprecedented challenges, including a BLM helicopter roundup and several months of being held in government-holding pens. Despite all odds, they have shown remarkable resilience and strength. Your support for their care will make a significant impact, and for that, we are immensely grateful. Thank you for your generosity and for joining us in our mission to provide a safe and loving home for these amazing Wild Horses. 

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